Old School Toys




Link:  https://www.old-school-toys.nl

Category:  Stores – On-line,  Stores – Physical

Our Rating:  4 / 5

This store located in Holland sells also on-line. Prices are rather high for the most recent lines, but vintage figures and early modern figure lines have a good price. Plenty of stock of the famous The Vintage Collection is still available. Seems a very interesting shop to stop by if visiting holland, they have a huge stock which is worth diving through.

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Hollywood Heroes

Hollywood Heroes

Link:  www.hollywoodheroes.com

eBay store:   http://stores.ebay.com/hollywoodheroesauctiongalleries/

Category:  Stores – Physical; Stores – On-line; Stores – eBay

Location:  Westwood, NJ, USA.

Score:  3 / 5

Mainly interesting for Vintage action figures. The website store does not rate the status of the loose figures, and if the weapons are original or repro, hence highly risky to buy. They have nice collection of some of the 12-back figures in AFA. If you have thousands of dollars to spend this could be a good place to stop. 😉 The eBay store has auctions for MOC ROTJ figures which will be interesting for those on a budget, still price is high for USA market.
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Toy Run

Link:  www.toyruncast.comToyrun.png

Category:  Podcasts

Score:  5 / 5 – TOP10

Without any doubt part of the fun about collecting Star Wars action figures is to follow news and rumours about new figures coming soon. If you are seriously into collecting of the modern figure lines this podcast is a must follow. Hosted by Jake Stevens and Chriz B, and with a new episode every week, it not only covers news and rumours, but also what is hitting now stores, interviews with some of the “celebrities” of the Star Wars collecting scene and much more.

Essential for any serious modern collector!

Toys And Posters

Link:  http://www.toysandposters.com/Toys&Posters

Category:  Stores – On-line / Physical

Score:  4 / 5

This store based in Holland has a nice stock of vintage carded and loose AFA figures, at a good market price. The modern figures of regular lines like Black Series are rather pricy though. They sell on-line and ship world-wide but also open the shops for customer visits on saturday mornings. Maybe worth stopping by if visiting Holland?
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Star Wars Loosies

Link:  http://starwarsloosies.com/Star Wars Goodies.jpg

Category:  Stores – On-line

Location:  Europe

Score:  3 / 5

A selection of Star Wars vintage action figures, both loose and carded. Prices are rather high so this may not be your place to stop if you are a new collector, core collector may find here variations and rare pieces which may be difficult to find otherwise or with some guarantee of quality on the eBay. No modern figures, just Vintage.
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Star Wars Vintage Photo Archive

Link:  www.rebelscum.com/vintage.aspstar-wars-vintage-photo-archive

Source:  www.rebelscum.com

Category:  Databases; Reviews

Score:  4/5

As amazing at it may seem, and despite there are dozens of Star Wars vintage figures books written, there appear to be not many websites offering reviews of these figures with some analysis, at least that we could find.

Rebelscum is one of the most, if not the most, wide database on the net for Star Wars Action Figures, and as such, it has a complete section devoted to Kenner figures offering reviews and analysis of the figures and their variations. It is not as deep as we have seen in other websites for modern figures but worth using as a source of knowledge.

The Kellerman Book Matrices

Link:  www.rebelscum.com/kellerman.asp

Source:  www.rebelscum.com

Category:  Databases, Articles & Tools

Score:  5/5 – Top10!

The number of variants / combinations of card fronts and cardbacks for vintage Star Wars action figures is huge and it is easy to be lost on what exists and what does not. The Kellerman’s book about Vintage SW Figures had some matrices which http://www.rebelscum.com posted in their website some time ago making a call for the global collecting community to contribute helping further complete the matrices, as there are yet combinations/variants which are believed to exist but not confirmed. Whether you are new or experienced to collecting Vintage SW blisters these matrices for Front-Back variations and Proof Cards are a very powerful tool to understand what you have and what else exists out there.

Use the link above for the http://www.rebelscum.com article, you can directly download the matrices here:

Front-Back Combinations Matrix:   http://www.rebelscum.com/kellermancards120.pdf

Proof Card Combinations Matrix:  http://www.rebelscum.com/kellermanproofs103.pdf