Dallas Vintage Toys


Category: Stores – On-line

Score: 5/5 – Top10

This is the paradise for Vintage Star Wars figure collectors. This physical and on-line shop has hundreds of loose, carded and graded figures. They offer some of the best (if not the best) prices for Vintage figures we have been able to find on the internet. They also have a variety of modern figures in stock.

  • Vintage – Carded, Loose and Graded
  • Attack Of The Clones – Carded & Loose
  • Comic Packs
  • Episode 1 – Carded & Loose
  • Power Of The Force 2 – Carded & Loose
  • Power Of The Jedi – Carded & Loose
  • Revenge Of The Sith – Carded & Loose
  • The Saga Collection – Carded & Loose
  • Vintage The Saga Collection – Carded
  • Shadows Of The Empire – Carded
  • Clone Wars – Carded
  • Legacy Collection – Carded
  • 30th Anniversary – Carded
  • Vintage Collection – Carded

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