GW Acrylic

Category: Display Cases

Score: TOP10!

Acrylic cases are the best way to display the most valuable figures in your collection. Finding them at good price is always a challenge. This producer has very competitive price, even for the Black Series 6″ display cases, which have shown up in eBay at higher prices than the figures in some cases. The price when you buy 10-packs or 20-packs for the vintage blister cases is really very good. We have personally bought vintage star wars cases and quality is outstanding. Highly recommended! Shipments to Europe and US.

Main features:

  • Vintage carded and loose display cases, wide range.
  • Black Series 6″ display cases.
  • Ships to all Europe and USA.

Leave your comments here if you had some experience shopping cases to this producer.


3 thoughts on “GW Acrylic

    • Javi Florencio says:

      Thanks. I have updated the information. I just bought a pack of 20 cases for SW vintage blisters and the quality of your cases is amazing! Good job guys!


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