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Score:  3 / 5

If you are pending on some figures to complete early modern lines of Star Wars action figures this on-line store may be interesting for you. Prices are quite expensive but the stock they have of lines from 1995 down to the Vintage Collection of 2012 is very significant. They do not have neither Vintage figures nor most recent figure lines like TFA, Rogue One or The Black Series. Worldwide shipping.

This store has stock of these figure lines (in bold those with significant stock):

  • Power Of The Force 2.
  • Episode I.
  • Power Of The Jedi.
  • Saga.
  • Unleashed.
  • The Clone Wars (animated).
  • The Clone Wars (realistic).
  • Original Trilogy Collection.
  • Vintage Original Trilogy Collection.
  • Revenge Of The Sith.
  • The Saga Collection
  • Vintage Saga Collection.
  • Saga Legends 2007.
  • 30th Anniversary Collection.
  • The Clone Wars 2008.
  • Legacy Collection 2008.
  • Saga Legends 2009.
  • The Clone Wars 2009.
  • Legacy Collection 2009.
  • The Clone Wars Saga Legends.
  • The Vintage Collection.
  • Comic Packs.
  • 12″ figures.
  • Sideshow Sixth Scale.

Leave your comments here if you had some experience shopping in this store.


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