A Digested Look at The Vintage Collection


Link:  http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/specialreports/the-vintage-collection/

Category:  Articles

Source:  www.JediTempleArchives.com

Score:  5/5 – Top10!

The Vintage Collection has been the best Star Wars action figure collection ever. Yet, when you search in the internet you will struggle to find good figures reviews and analysis of this collection, only www.jeditemplearchives.com had an excellent coverage of the releases in this line. As a tribute to the line this website organized in 2013 a special report with owners of famous websites of the collecting community to select and review what were the best of the 100+ figures released in The Vintage Collection. Hasbro also was invited and featured in this report with their opinions. If you really are into this line you must read this report with a cup of coffee, enjoy!

Tip: Watch out because the basic text is in black color against black background, probably due to some reformatting of the site after the report was posted there. You will have to select the text to highlight and be able to read it. I have notified this to JTA for their repair but maybe it won’t be still modified by the time you read it.


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