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Category:  Stores – On-line / Physical

Score:  4 / 5

This store based in Holland has a nice stock of vintage carded and loose AFA figures, at a good market price. The modern figures of regular lines like Black Series are rather pricy though. They sell on-line and ship world-wide but also open the shops for customer visits on saturday mornings. Maybe worth stopping by if visiting Holland?

This store has stock of these figure lines (in bold the most relevant):

  • Vintage loose and carded figures.
  • Unleashed.
  • Rebels Saga Legends.
  • Black Series 3.75″.
  • Black Series 6″.
  • The Force Awakens.
  • Kotobukiya ArtFX+.
  • Sideshow Sixth Scale.
  • Sideshow 1/4 Scale Premium Format.
  • Gentle Giant 12″ Jumbo Vintage Kenner.

Leave your comments here if you had some experience shopping in this store.


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