The idea

Collecting Star Wars action figures is a game played both in physical shops and through internet. Collectors from US are the most lucky around the globe with good distribution through main retail chains like Wallmart, Target, Toys R’Us and Walgreens. Collecting in Europe and Asia is more challenging and collectors have to “survive” buying through internet on specialized on-line stores, eBay, Amazon or trading with other peers in forums.

There are plenty of internet sites offering databases with pictures of toy lines, reviews, news and other kind of tools for collectors. There are also plenty of on-line specialized stores. We felt a central website offering links to all these internet resources for Star Wars action figures would be useful for the collecting community and jumped into this project!

How to use JediLinks

As we grow our database of links we intend to create a more comprehensive way to classify them and make queries by multiple criterias.

As of now navigating through JediLinks is very simple.

  • Links recently added: On the main page central body.
  • Links by Categories: Use the list on the left side bar to filter links by categories.


Want to collaborate with us?

We are looking for other Star Wars action figure fans that want to cooperate with us on building this tool for other collectors. If you are interested email us at jedilinks@hotmail.com.

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