Toy Run

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Score:  5 / 5 – TOP10

Without any doubt part of the fun about collecting Star Wars action figures is to follow news and rumours about new figures coming soon. If you are seriously into collecting of the modern figure lines this podcast is a must follow. Hosted by Jake Stevens and Chriz B, and with a new episode every week, it not only covers news and rumours, but also what is hitting now stores, interviews with some of the “celebrities” of the Star Wars collecting scene and much more.

Essential for any serious modern collector!


Toyrun Interview with Steven Sansweet


Category:  Podcasts


Score:  5/5

Steven Sansweet is a celebrity in the Star Wars collecting community and owner of Rancho Obi-Wan, a Star Wars collecting museum in the US west coast. Listen to this very interesting interview from last year in Toyrun Podcast show to know his opinion on several topic and controversies around Star Wars collecting.