Hollywood Heroes

Hollywood Heroes

Link:  www.hollywoodheroes.com

eBay store:   http://stores.ebay.com/hollywoodheroesauctiongalleries/

Category:  Stores – Physical; Stores – On-line; Stores – eBay

Location:  Westwood, NJ, USA.

Score:  3 / 5

Mainly interesting for Vintage action figures. The website store does not rate the status of the loose figures, and if the weapons are original or repro, hence highly risky to buy. They have nice collection of some of the 12-back figures in AFA. If you have thousands of dollars to spend this could be a good place to stop. 😉 The eBay store has auctions for MOC ROTJ figures which will be interesting for those on a budget, still price is high for USA market.
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