Old School Toys




Link:  https://www.old-school-toys.nl

Category:  Stores – On-line,  Stores – Physical

Our Rating:  4 / 5

This store located in Holland sells also on-line. Prices are rather high for the most recent lines, but vintage figures and early modern figure lines have a good price. Plenty of stock of the famous The Vintage Collection is still available. Seems a very interesting shop to stop by if visiting holland, they have a huge stock which is worth diving through.

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Hollywood Heroes

Hollywood Heroes

Link:  www.hollywoodheroes.com

eBay store:   http://stores.ebay.com/hollywoodheroesauctiongalleries/

Category:  Stores – Physical; Stores – On-line; Stores – eBay

Location:  Westwood, NJ, USA.

Score:  3 / 5

Mainly interesting for Vintage action figures. The website store does not rate the status of the loose figures, and if the weapons are original or repro, hence highly risky to buy. They have nice collection of some of the 12-back figures in AFA. If you have thousands of dollars to spend this could be a good place to stop. 😉 The eBay store has auctions for MOC ROTJ figures which will be interesting for those on a budget, still price is high for USA market.
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Toys And Posters

Link:  http://www.toysandposters.com/Toys&Posters

Category:  Stores – On-line / Physical

Score:  4 / 5

This store based in Holland has a nice stock of vintage carded and loose AFA figures, at a good market price. The modern figures of regular lines like Black Series are rather pricy though. They sell on-line and ship world-wide but also open the shops for customer visits on saturday mornings. Maybe worth stopping by if visiting Holland?
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Big Redhead Comics


Category:  Stores – Physical / On-line

Location:  Tampa, Florida, USA.

Score:  3 / 5

This is a comic shop, so do not expect big stock of anything. If you are into Vintage you may find what you are looking for at good price. Power Of The Force 2 figures are not very much sought after by collectors, but if you miss any piece in your collection may be worth looking here. This is a physical shop but they accept on-line orders.
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The ToyAddicts


Category:  Stores – Physical

Location:  San Diego, USA.

Score:  4 / 5

If you are doing some toy runs while visiting San Diego this shop is a must visit. Only dedicated to Action Figures and Games, they do not have a huge stock but have really very good prices both in modern and vintage figures. The owner, John, is a very nice guy. The Vintage figures are in very good shape and all with original weapons, excellent price-quality. Modern figure lines are at retail price! A must visit while in San Diego!
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